Corten steel

Cunikrom is an integral system used in building roofings and façades with corten steel. It’s a group of corten steel sheets with endless geometric patterns where the imagination is the only limit.

We can get corten steel roofings and façades which are 100% watertight, perfectly isolated in terms of temperature and noise, transforming the skin of a building into a jewel. It’s a traditional, exclusive, beautiful concept which cares for every single detail of the skin of the building. It’s specially suitable for rehabilitation.

Cunikrom is not the result of an addition of lengths, widths and heights of plans but the necessity of providing the skin of the building with a soul.

It’s been developed by the technical department of Indafer, who provides their proven experience in solving all kinds of roofings and façades at an international level.

Corten Steel is a material with very special rusting conditions which make the rust a real protective coating instead of corroding the steel.

Surface rusting undergone by corten steel produces a waterproof rust coating which prevents the steel from corrosion, in other words, corten steel has no need of zinc neither polyester paints to guarantee its durability against atmospheric corrosion

Besides steel and carbon, in corten steel there is copper, chromium and nickel which make it to acquire a very characteristic orange-reddish colour. The appearance of the patina and its colour scheme depend on the environment, exposure time, average temperature and humidity.

Corten steel provides the building with a unique aesthetic, having a low maintenance and very high durability. Surface finishing may last at least 80 years without any maintenance.

The art of the unforeseeable, the evolution of the product and its adaptation to the environment in a natural way, that is the essence of Cunikrom.

We may also control its rusting process, as well as how this rust may affect the surroundings of the building.

Canalising water in such a way that it is always in contact with metal components and hidden from view.

Applying protective varnish. These chemical treatments, which make rust not to be dissolved with rainwater, stop the rusting process of corten.